Muharram Project Budget

Download this message on pdf Dear Brothers in Islam Assalamu `alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Month of Muharram is just around the corner. Lovers of Imam Hussein (a) have another opportunity to say labbayk to the call of Imam Hussein (a), which is for all the human beings, when he called out, “Hal Min Nasirin … Continue reading Muharram Project Budget

Food Distribution Summary

  Alhamdullilah, with the grace of the Almighty we completed our annual Ramadhan food distribution campaign. As this food distribution being present for over 20 years now, we try each year to reach out to more people and helping them out in various ways apart from the distribution of food. This year we had a … Continue reading Food Distribution Summary

Playground and Science lab at our school

Playground. Alhamdulilah, the children have started playing in their new playground, which has 2 sets of swings, a slide, and a seesaw, the students now have started loving school even more now, knowing that they will get to play in the playground.... Although, we have already started facing some challenges.. we need to get more … Continue reading Playground and Science lab at our school