Muharram Project Budget

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Dear Brothers in Islam

Assalamu `alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Month of Muharram is just around the corner. Lovers of Imam Hussein (a) have another opportunity to say labbayk to the call of Imam Hussein (a), which is for all the human beings, when he called out, “Hal Min Nasirin Yansuruna, Hal min Mugisin Yugisuna!”. Let us help each other in spreading the message of Aba Abdillah al-Hussein (a).

The true and practical expression of love and mawaddah is through the Azadaari and its facilitation in various parts of the world. Imam Khumeini (r) is said to have said, Azadaari and these tears are a slap on the face of Tyrants! These majalises enlighten us about the auspicious message of Imam Hussein (as), and we can elevate ourselves spiritually by inculcating the values we learn from him, like brotherhood, forgiveness, sacrifice, sile rehmi and taqwallah.

There remains not a speck of doubt that Imam Hussein (a) is alive in the hearts of people till today, and this is portrayed in each and every part of the world, even here in the African continent. The hearts of our African brothers and sisters are prepared to understand and receive guidance from the exalted teaching of our Aimmah and especially, regarding the message of Imam Hussein (a).

Imam Hussein (a) stood up for the Justice and Truth and we the Husseini have a duty and a golden opportunity to spread the message of Hussein (a) and give generously to this worthy and noble cause. It goes without saying, that whatever time and money is spent in the Azadaari of Imam Hussein, is indeed so highly valuable, and has so much Barakat, that it is a way of purification and a bonus for us.

Imam Musa al-Kazim (AS), has been reported to have said:


May Allah’s mercy be upon that servant of Allah who keeps alive our remembrance.

When we ponder on this Hadith, it is indeed amazingly true that the value of this deed is such that, Imam(as) is praying to Allah (swt) to send his mercy on the ones who keep the message of Ahlulbeit alive. This dua, although very short and brief, has such an everlasting impact, that Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Quran:


The Mercy of your Lord is better than what they amass [43:32]

Thus, the mercy of Allah (SWT) is more excellent, than all worldly items, like huge mansions, huge amounts of wealth, gold, property, power, fame, etc.

With the Tawfeeq and help of the Almighty Allah (swt) and in the name of our beloved Imam Hussein (as), we , In Khatamul Anbiyaa Institution, Inshallah want to organize and facilitate Programs in remembrance of the great sacrifice of Sayyadush Shohada Imam Hussein (as). We will do our best to keep the memory of the grandson of the Holy Prophet (saw), about whom he said, Husseinu minni wa ana minal Hussein! Through Azadaari, the fire of the love of Imam Hussein continues to spark in our hearts, and removes all the intrinsic sick- nesses of the soul, and gives us hope to re charging our life by true repentance and turning towards Allah (swt).

Years have passed by since the tragedy of Kerbala, and yet, our hearts continue to shine with the love Imam Hussein (as) and as we take part in Azadaari, we all want to strive within our capacity, to ascend on the path of Hussein Ibne Ali and attain salvation.The slogan in the heart of millions of the lovers of Ahlulbeit is- Live like Ali! Die like Hussein!

Therefore, your support, co-operation, open handedness and participation would be much appreciated by our Institution, and most certainly rewarded by Allah, double and manifold, in this world and the Hereafter.

Oh! Allah make me live following the life of Ahlulbeit (a) and make me die following the same principles. With salams and duas.

Your brother in Islam,

Ghullamhussein .R. Mukhtar


Our costs for the year 1441 AH are estimated as follows:

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 08.47.34

Other events that we plan to organize in Muharram:

 On the day of Ashura we are planning to organize a procession. We wish to provide black T-Shirts with a message on them. These will amount to 1000 T-Shirts for our students, their parents and our African

 On the 13th night of Muharram, we have planned to organize a program where we wish to invite all our brothers from different Muslims mosques for Quran Khitma. We are expecting around 400 people, and we plan to provide them with Niyaz which will amount to 300,000/=

 Sabile Hussein Campaign: We plan to provide water for free to poor areas where there is water shortage. We request you to donate 20/= per liter, and we have a water tanker with the capacity of 10,000 liters. The cost will therefore be 200,000/=

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We pray to Allah (SWT) that He gives us the opportunity to support and take part in these events, and we await your generous contribution for this cause Inshaallah.


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