Food Distribution Summary


Alhamdullilah, with the grace of the Almighty we completed our annual Ramadhan food distribution campaign. As this food distribution being present for over 20 years now, we try each year to reach out to more people and helping them out in various ways apart from the distribution of food.

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This year we had a few challenges that didn’t allow us to fully achieve our target but we managed to reach out to over 2000 people. This year we set out with an aim to be able to understand the problems faced by our fellow countrymen in these locations we visited. With this in mind, we interacted with them and will soon be trying to facilitate solutions for their challenges. Challenges such as water, education, and health were seen to be common among the rural areas visited.

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Out of 5 of our trips, we had collaborated with Who is Hussain, an international organisation who helped in organising 2 global iftaars whereby we sat and ate together. During this iftaar, we invited all the faiths present and discussed ways to strengthen unity in their villages.

During these trips, we do more than just distributing food. Such as the distribution of Qurans to the mosques present in every area, gifts for the children who go to Madrasah and in some areas we were fortunate enough to provide clothes as well.

One of the activities that we started a few years back was visiting the sick and elderly people who aren’t able to leave their homes. For such visits, we usually have a medical professional who accompanies to diagnose them and if further medical attention is required we make arrangements for them.

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All this would not be possible if it was not for our volunteer, sponsors, and well-wishers. Alhamdullilah we were blessed to have a strong team of volunteers who attended all these distribution trips during this campaign. We would like to thank the sponsors and volunteers in making this campaign a success as well as motivating us to take a bigger step during the next campaign.

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May Allah SWT accept our efforts.

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