Week 4 Update

This was one of our last food distribution trips this Ramadhan. We visited Kilmbero and Kazamoyo villages around 55km from Arusha town. Due to the heavy rains the roads and been destroyed hence making it slightly difficult for us to get there but we made sure we got there.

Week 4 in numbers.jpg

Once again this week together with ration packs we took cooked iftaar which was made possible by collaborating with the Who is Hussain group to share with the villagers of Kilombero. We invited all villagers including those who weren’t fasting to strengthen the unity in the village. Arriving at this village we had a warm welcome and were also invited to speak at the local church. Having this opportunity we managed to talk about the importance of unity between both the faiths present in that area.

After having iftaar at Kilombero, we travelled another 4km to get to Kazamoyo where the villagers and already organised themselves to collect their ration packs. At this village, we had major concern from the villagers about the challenges they face throughout the year. Their major concern was the education needs for their children both secular and religious education. Students travel up to 4km from the village on foot to get to the nearest school and when it rains, they are unable to get to school. Similarly, they were requesting for a teacher to help them teach their children the fundamentals of religion.

This was our final trip this Ramadhan, Alhamdullilah with the grace of the Almighty and support from our donors and volunteers we managed to complete our Food distribution campaign this Ramadhan. However, this doesn’t mark the end as before Eid we plan on visiting Rundugai village and after Ramadhan, we will embark on various other campaigns InshAllah.

These are a few highlights from our trip to Kilombero and Kazamoyo.

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