Week 3 Update

For our 3rd trip this Ramadhan, we visited the villages of Makiba and Valeska in the Arumeru district of Arusha region. This week we had a total of 27 volunteers who attended this distribution trip.

Week 3 in numbers

During the visit, we distributed ration to the largest number of villagers as of yet this year, a total of 659 people. These villages due to their remote locations and lack of infrastructure they face a lot of challenges especially in terms of healthcare.

We were informed of two elderly women who have been unwell for a few months and have not been able to receive any sort of medical help. Due to such cases we usually have medical professionals who tend to be part of our volunteering team. They assist in making a quick diagnosis before suggesting the next medical procedures to be undertaken.

Based on advice given from the medical volunteers, we provide transportation, medicines and also pay for treatment so that these villagers can receive good healthcare and live a healthier life.

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