Week 2 Update

This week we visited Gidika Village which is located in the neighbouring region of Manyara. This week we collaborated with Who Is Hussain, Arusha in organising a global iftaar program with the locals of the villagers. Together with giving ration to the villagers we served and ate iftaar along with them.

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Village Background

This village is present around 300km from Arusha town and is mainly populated by three local tribes that are Wanyaturu, Wairak, and Wabarbegi. While interacting with the locals we learned about the challenges they face in their locality and we were able to discuss them. The villagers echoed each other’s concern about the following challenges:

Water- the lacking this basic need is giving them a tough time, as fetching clean usable water forces them to travel up to 10km. Due to these shortages, they are unable to fully take advantage of the fertile soil around them. The villagers usually rely on the rains for their crops, however, due to the late rains this season they haven’t had a productive farming season this year.

Religious Education – This was a major concern from the ladies of the mosque, they made a strong appeal that there is a need for religious books. They even suggested there was a possibility of getting a teacher who can educate them on religious matters.

Infrastructure – They also are trying to make improvements to their mosque by roofing the remaining part of the mosque at the same time, try to make madrasah classrooms for themselves and their children.

InshAllah with the grace of the All-Mighty, we will be able to help facilitate their challenges.

These are a few highlights from our trip to Gidika.

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