Week 1 Update

Alhamdullilah by the grace of the All-Mighty we travelled a distance of 156km to and fro Arusha city centre to distribute ration Iftar packs to fellow Muslim brethren. With a group of 25 volunteers we managed to distribute 2 tonnes of ration which included rice, sugar, flour, dates and milk. A total of 500 villagers were provided with these basic cooking necessities for Ramadhan.

Week 1 in numbers.jpg

Besides food items, Qurans and leaflets with supplications to be recited were distributed at the Mosques present at each Village and of course as always there was sweets for the children, and the appreciation we got was inexpressible..

InshAllah with your duas and support together with the help of Allah (swt) we will embark on our second trip on the 19th of May. May Allah reward all of the donors and their marhumeen , and accept this small charity InshaAllah.

These are a few highlights from our first food distribution trip this Ramadhan.

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