Playground and Science lab at our school


First set of Swings

Alhamdulilah, the children have started playing in their new playground, which has 2 sets of swings, a slide, and a seesaw, the students now have started loving school even more now, knowing that they will get to play in the playground….
Although, we have already started facing some challenges.. we need to get more swings and slides and other playing equipment like monkey bars, etc.. and we also need to keep a fence around the playground so as to control its usage, because the children get overexcited and all want to play at the same time

Lab construction.

We are in the final stages of the physics and Chemistry laboratories…
The reagents and some of the lab equipment are yet to arrive. We really thank our donors Beta Charitable Trust for making this happen . Our students finally will be able to conduct experiments in their own lab!


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