Our Food Distribution Projects

Food distribution

Every year, in the Holy Month of Ramadhan (fasting month for Muslims), the team travels 100s of Kilometers from Arusha Town during the 4 weeks of the month. The sole purpose is to feed underprivileged Muslims in the villages who fast, but most of whom do not know for certain whether they will have enough food with which to break their fasts. Although our focus for the Holy Month is specifically towards Muslims, we do not discriminate and if people from other faiths ask for food, we happily provide for them too. The food items that we provide are not limited to but include: wheat flour, rice, sugar, bread, cooking oil, dates and others. We do not provide ready made food for this specific section as firstly, it is difficult to know the exact number of persons to cater for in a limited time frame, so logistically, it gets difficult but more importantly, so that they get to learn to cook by themselves in some cases or just so they can provide for themselves whatever they prefer.


Other than this, we also provide ready made food for the orphans of different faiths on one pre- specified date which normally coincides with the last Friday of the Holy month (Also known asThe Day of Quds). It is a day in support for the oppressed people of the world and was started by the then Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatullah Khomeini in 1979, in support of oppressed Palestinians. The aim of this event is to firstly, have fun activities for the young orphans but also to educate the general public and to raise awareness of the event of Quds.


Food is then served to all members in attendance, which includes various leaders from the region such as the regional/district commissioners. The orphans are kept smiling by being presented with gifts at the end of the program.

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