Our Education Projects


The KAI schools, located in Moduli District, were founded in the year 1999. It is approximately 45 kms from the Arusha city. This area is very dry and there is a huge problem of water. The Local Maasai people travel miles in search of relatively clean water. The KAI school was established in such a location so that the Maasai children could have a better and brighter future. The Education provided in our schools is completely free for the indigenous Maasai children.

In 1999, we only had one nursery class and 35 students, and now 18 years down the line, Alhamdulilah, KAI has a nursery, Primary and Secondary school, with a total number of 410 students. Moreover, 6 batches of students have graduated from our Secondary school having completed their O levels, and many have also got their bachelor’s degree, and some have returned so that they can give back to the School. Others have been sent to countries like Iran and Iraq to enhance their Islamic studies before coming back to support the institution in whatever capacity. The Secondary school is a Boys only school and a boarding. The secondary school comprises only of males and females who successfully complete primary level of education are sent to a partnering sister school in Dar Es Salaam.


However, for the smooth running of the School, and for providing daily meals to all the children, as well as providing clean and safe water for all the students as well as teachers, a huge budget has to be borne; considering the school doesn’t charge any fees to the students. An annual budget of 360 million Tshs is required for the smooth running of the school, which is approximately 180,000 US$ per annum.


Khatamul Anbiyaa schools
Mission statement :
To provide quality education and skills to underprivileged children based on Islamic priniciples and help bring the best out of every student and inspire them to bring a positive change in their societies
To Foster our students’ potential and skills and inspire them through the Holy Quran and the teachings of the pure progeny of the Prophet. Muhammad (saw)