Our Medical Projects


Rural areas in Tanzania have severe lack of medical care and medical personnel. The local people need to walk for miles just to visit a clinician. Therefore, it is common for the locals to visit their local “mganga” (traditional healer), who can treat common flus using certain herbs and at a much more affordable rate. Whereas this can be helpful for common flues, other severe pneumonias, and anemias need Iv medications, and using the local herbs makes the condition even worse.



Malaria is still a challenge in the rural areas in Tanzania, it is estimated that 1 in 7 children under the age of five die due to malaria. And these children die mostly because they don’t get medical attention on time.

Pneumonia is another killer amongst rural Tanzanians, especially children under 5. It is estimated that 15% of deaths in this age group are due to pneumonia. And because these children live in overcrowded homes, and breathe in firewood smoke daily, their lungs get severely affected.


Malnutrition is another major cause of mortality and morbidity in children under the age of 5. The WHO stats show that, 130 children die daily because of malnutrition in Tanzania. And around 42% of Tanzanian children are stunted due to lack of nutritious foods.

The HUSSEINI HEALERS under KAI, is a group of volunteers, medical and non-medical, who go deep into the rural areas where there is extreme poverty and lack of medicine to offer their services.



The most recent trip was to a village called Nadosaito, where the people are very poor and there is no source of clean water around. We held a medical camp there and saw around 200 sick villagers and treated them. We also managed to take an old lady who had cataracts in both her eyes, back to town for eye surgery and by the Grace of God, she can see now.

KAI also owns an ambulance which works round the clock, ready to help any poor individual who needs to transfer a patient from the village to a nearby Health facility.

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